Beebe Lane Honey Co. is a family owned and operated business based in Eugene, Oregon. We strive to provide high quality honey from pesticide free and antibiotic free hives. We believe in supporting a sustainable environment for the honeybee and creating a product you can feel good giving to your family.

We are also developing a line of bee body products and currently have available  Beebe Lane Lip Balm and Worker Bee Hand Salve.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Hik folks! I bought your Worker Bee Hand Salve at the Kiva yesterday and I love it! Nice texture, wonderful scent. I’d never think of combining peppermint and chamomile, but I think it’s my new favorite! I wouldn’t mind even a tad more beeswax in it…I’ve got super dry skin. Don’t tell anyone, but I put the salve on my face, too…!

    I look forward to trying any new products you come out with. I make my own lip balm, but will try yours next time around.

    Thanks, and all the best to you and your bees!


    • BeebeLane says:

      Thank you Jenny,
      So glad you’re enjoying the hand salve! I will consider adding a little more beeswax for the next batch. It’s great for any and all dry skin, I’ve found. I’d love to develop a face cream too-maybe that will be our next project!
      Thanks again for the feedback!

  2. jennifer says:

    Will we be enjoying poison oak Honey this year?

  3. Debra Grosella says:

    Dearest Honey makers, Where are you? You are my most local honey and I can’t find you anywhere. Are you still producing? Please let me know. I will buy a case if I can. Thanks so much. Much love from a huge fan, Debra

    • BeebeLane says:

      Thank you so much for your interest Debra! Sorry we don’t monitor this site much these days, as we’ve had to take the year off of honey production to rebuild our hives. We had a huge loss last winter, but are hoping to be back this year. We still sell our bees wax products at the Kiva, and when we have honey they will be the first ones to sell it.
      To check for more up to date information, check out our facebook page, if you’re so inclined.
      Thanks again!

  4. Jessica Scofield says:

    Hello, my name is Jessica and I was very fortunate to purchase your honey through a very dear friend of mine Anna Dion. Anna teaches exercise classes at Emerald Park and Jen was one of her students. Anna is going to school now and not teaching as much. I went to look for your honey at the Kiva and Sundance and had no luck. So I wanted to know if there is some where else I can purchase your very yummy honey?

    • BeebeLane says:

      Thank you Jessica, I’m sorry we haven’t had any this year due to hive loss last winter. We are planning to rebuild and hope to have some this year. The Kiva will always have it once we have some to sell-or as I told Debra, check out our facebook page for the most recent updates. Again, I’m sorry (and I miss Anna at aerobics!).
      Thank you for your interest!

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